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Why a Pillow Is Necessary for Stomach Sleepers

If you are like most adults, then you really require around 7-8 hours of quality sleep in order to thrive and feel well rested. Not to mention the fact that getting quality sleep is essential for; staving off heart disease, reducing stress, boosting metabolism, boosting mood, boosting immunity, boosting brainpower and overall improving decision-making. Generally, quality sleep serves as an all round booster to proper functioning of human beings. But, what if you sleep on your stomach and all the people you meet discourage you from sleeping this way even if it is how you opt to sleep? How then is it possible to get the much-needed 7-8 hours of sleep? Fortunately for stomach sleepers, there are good methods for achieving consistent quality sleep every night, like morning stretches and stomach pillows. Through these methods and more, stomach sleepers can get all the sleep they require while maintaining proper back health. Read on to discover how you can achieve sound, comfortable sleep.

Before getting into the nitty-gritties, it is important to first understand why some people tend to shy away from stomach sleeping. Our spines have three natural curves which look C-shaped. The lowest C curve on the lower back region receives plenty of pressure whenever people sleep on their stomachs, therefore has the highest chances of getting hurt because of it. To alleviate this pain, placing a pillow under the hips to lift the pelvis a few inches from the mattress is necessary. By placing a pillow, the lowest C curve is not flattened, but rather is allowed to curve in a more natural direction. On that note, not all pillows are suitable for this since the majority of regular pillows are usually too big. However, no one should lose sleep over this since stomach pillows are there to the rescue. Additionally, these pillows come in numerous shapes and sizes to meet different needs.

It is necessary to get high quality stomach pillows ideal for your needs. Pillows specifically designed for stomach sleeping are the best pillows for stomach sleepers. Good quality pillows for stomach sleepers are often thin and firm. Additionally, they have special edges which are ergonomically designed to ensure the head and neck are not turned too far. Stomach sleepers can comfortably sleep at 45 degrees, rather than an uncomfortable 90 degrees. Stomach sleepers cannot only reduce stress on the spine this way, they can also breathe much easier during sleep as well.

Stomach sleepers should also sleep with thin pillows or no pillows at all under their heads. Thin pillows are essential for reducing neck strain.

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