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What to Know on How to Survive a Hurricane

There is a cyclone known to be a powerful, revolving storm that comes in warm weather oceans and leads to strong wind as rain is called as hurricane. Once a weather system reaches with speed of seventy four mph is known as a hurricane. Among the things that are brought by hurricane includes torrential rains, immediate flooding that can destroy a whole community and strong winds. There are some areas that are so much prone to hurricanes and if you are among the individuals living in such areas you should begin having a survival plan in place. Hurricane is known to be very dangerous and with this you should begin reading more about it. Among the ways you can use to learn more concerning hurricane is through online research. When researching to read more about hurricane you should also consider knowing the survival tips. Going through this article will be of great importance to you since you will know some of the hurricane survival tips and other info.

Firstly, to survive hurricane one should evacuate. The first thing you should consider doing if you have enough time beforehand is to evacuate. You should keen everyone together including your pets to be easy to evacuate. Individuals in the Florida area should head to farther north to survive hurricane. When you evacuate you should always carry with you things like clothes, medication, cash and cell phone.

Secondly, to survive hurricane one should take shelter. If you never had enough time to evacuate before the hurricane you should consider taking shelter as fast as possible. Even as you take shelter you should do it like two hours before the hurricane. When taking shelter things like your disaster kit and radio are so much important that you should not leave behind. As you read more here you should know that you only have to leave your shelter when it is safe to do so. Going outside during hurricane might not be wise even if the weather seems calm since this might change within a short period.

Finally, to survive hurricane one should avoid taking bath or shower during the storm. Note that it is not safe to bathe and shower during hurricane. You need to steer clear of bathing until after the storm has passed to avoid electric shock that might be caused by lighting and strike your home.