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Importance of Christian Fellowship

Fellowshipping is very important for Christians. This is where people come together to support each other in terms of building one another’s strength, encouraging each other and learning from one another. As Christians, you should expect a lot of obstacles in your Christianity journey. To overcome such obstacles, you might need some support from your fellow Christians. Fellowshipping acts as a source of strength for you and thus the need to participate in Christian fellowships. Below are other reasons why fellowshipping is important for Christians.

As Christians, we should portray God’s picture to others. We have different spiritual gifts that we must use to show the presence of God in other people’s lives. Coming together as Christians to worship God is a better way of demonstrating the presence of God. Given that each Christian has a certain gift of the Holy Spirit, coming fellowshipping together show the glory of God. God gave different grace too different people, this means each one has own gift. As the bible tells us, we as many but from the same body. The fellowship is, therefore, a way of showing that we represent the same God.

Fellowshipping is a source of strength for Christians. People have different levels of faith. This is understandable because one’s faith keeps growing with time. No matter your level of strength, you can get more strength from your fellow Christians. Fellowship allows everyone to learn from others which is an opportunity to grow our faith. Preaching the word of God to the hard-hearted world is sometimes challenging and can result in us questioning our faith. We might, therefore, find ourselves at the same level as the hard-hearted people. To protect yourself from such situations, you need to spend time in a fellowship where you can gain more strength. In this way, you will always have the strength to interact and share the word with everybody without the fear of finding yourself questioning your beliefs.

Fellowshipping is a source of encouragement. Christians are humans too. You can find yourself in bad moments such as loss of a job, a loved one or any other problem. Getting to such levels where you feel you are down is normal. But finding away from such problems is what matters. To lift your spirit, you should find time to talk to your fellow believers. This is where fellowship comes in. Whenever you share your problems with people who understand you better and believe in the same doctrine, you start your healing process.

Sometimes people feel lonely. You might face some problems and everyone disassociates with you. With the fellowship, we are reminded that we are not alone. Believers are all over the world. Whatever place you are, you can fellowship with other Christians who will, of course, remind you that you are not alone in this world. Fellowshipping provides a platform for building and strengthening our relationships.

Through fellowship, Christians can grow spiritually. Sharing the word of God and praying for each other is a reliable way of building our faith in God.

The Art of Mastering

The Art of Mastering