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Top Benefits Of Choosing Custom Granite Headstones

It is always sad to lose a loved one. However, when it happens, we also need to put measures in place that will guarantee that they get the best send-off possible. When one is looking to plan a memorial, there are numerous aspects that they need to keep in mind. You need to find the best funeral home for your loved ones as they await their burial. One also needs to determine the best facility for the memorial service. You will also need to decide between a cremation and a burial after losing a loved one. This will depend on culture, personal preference, among other factors. It is also desirable that one makes the right choice and finds a custom headstone for their loved one. The headstone will be placed above their grave after the burial to help you locate the site. It will also work to keep the memories of our loved one alive. One thus needs to make the right choice and find the best headstone that will last for some years.

Headstones have been made of different materials over the years. Headstones are made of slate, marble, sandstone, and other materials. However, granite headstones are considered the best choice in modern times due to the numerous benefits that it provides when compared to other materials. Keep reading as we learn some of the reasons why you need to find granite is the best material for making monuments.

One of the leading reasons to spend on a custom granite headstone when planning the send-off of a loved one is the fact that granite comes in a range of natural shades. The aesthetic value of granite is one of the best reasons to choose headstones made from the stone. Granite stones come with flecks of green, gray, gold, or blue, depending on the minerals present in the stone. The fact that granite is cut directly from the quarry bed means that there are no two headstones that will be the same. Granite is also versatile, and this means that it can be airbrushed to include artwork and add more individuality to the headstones.

Durability is also one of the best reasons to choose custom granite headstones. Headstones made of other materials such as sandstone, slate, and marble are likely to shatter, stain, or deteriorate over time. However, in the case of granite, one ends up with a headstone that will create beautiful memorials where the epitaphs will remain visible for over 500 years. Granite is known to resist natural deterioration as well as discoloration, and weathering can only occur depending on the presence of water, temperature as well as the composition of the rock.

Custom granite headstones are also easy to maintain, thus the need to consider them. You can expect your headstone to accumulate bird droppings, lichens, sap, moss, or even hard water. However, granite headstones are easy to clean and restore. You will only need dishwashing liquid, water, and a clean cloth to restore the headstone.

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