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Recommendations for Choosing the Best Home Safe and Gun Safe Choosing the best and right safe suitable for you is sometimes difficult. Protect and lock your valuables with the best home safe and gun safe available in the market today. As observable in this industry, home safes and gun safes are usually made of thin metal boxes. If you do further research, you will be aware that there is more to a home safe or gun safe than you originally thought. When searching online, there are many vault and safe sellers and ou will come across with companies claiming to be experts but do not have a brick and mortar store. There are many conflicting information available in the internet, so it is important that you look long enough because many companies will offer opinions about buying the right safe, but they don’t have an experience in the safe and vault business. Gun safes have various sizes and styles, and are usually made of thin metal cabinets without any fire and burglary protection. When choosing the right safe, you must consider the construction, the metal thickness and its locking mechanism, and fire rating. Unlike in the past, gun cabinets were usually made of glass or wood to showcasing and making weapons visible for everyone, but protecting your weapons and other valuables is a must at present. For a quality gun safe, it should be made of steel with a minimum of 11 gauge to have protection against breaking using a standard hammer and large screwdriver. The construction of a gun safe’s door is crucial and it should be made of a solid steel plate or composite equivalent, passing the laboratory burglar ratings and standards tool resistance. Generally, wall safes and hidden safes are not an ideal place to store your high value items, because the best protection comes in concealment. One of the top considerations in choosing a safe is the fire rating, and it should be at least a one hour fire rated safe to withstand a typical home or business fire. You must also be aware that the door of a home or gun safe should have a quality and reliable fire seal to provide protection for your important documents and to help prevent moisture, keeping off rust and corrosion of your guns and other valuables. The best choice for storing your high value items such as jewelry, precious metals and large amount of cash is through a burglar, fire safe or quality composite fire safe. For protection of papers and other important documents, as well as sensitive date or media with a vault or safe, it is important that the safe is engineered to keep an internal temperature below 150 degrees is important. When choosing the right lock for your safe, there are available mechanical locks and electronic locks that should be checked every five years by a qualified safe technician, and it should have an excellent level of protection which are sealed from the factory.The Art of Mastering Sales

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