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Tips On How To Identify A Cult

Identifying a cult tends to such a tough task considering that most cult members are very secretive. However, some enthusiastic researchers have made an effort to gather more details about how one can go about identifying a cult. You will find books compiled about cults and are on sale all over the internet. Below are tips on how you can get to know a cult.

One of the major characteristics of a cult is the fact that its members have an unquestioning commitment to a domineering leader. The leader rules the group with a lot of control. You will find that for some cults, they imitate or rather follow the mannerism of their leaders such as their language patterns. They become like clones to their leaders who inflict a lot of fear in them.

In cults, you will find that the members are exploited in all manner. For example, you will find sexual abuse in cults. They are also exploited financially and emotionally. Another very crucial aspect of cult is the fact that if a cult member leaves the cult, they tend to experience horrible things such that they cannot enjoy leaving a normal life.

In a cult, there is rebellion against other sources of authority. You will find that a cult leader occupies an anti-authoritarian position. In a church context, the cult leader cannot associate him or herself with elders. The cult leader will keep on criticizing preachers especially those who have a lot of knowledge about the scripture. The leaders always want to feel that they are in control of all spiritual matters.

Cult members tend to have varying personalities. This means that they keep changing their personality and adopt new ones now and then. They often become strangers to those who are well known to them. In most cases, they become transformed and adopt their leader’s personality.

Cult members tend to lavish their leader in luxury. You will find that according to most researchers, cult leaders are preoccupied with riches. This means that they will often keep finding ways of increasing their finances. They keep coming up with new projects that are meant to siphon money from their members. Members are manipulated thus keep giving money to the leader without questioning. Cult members are psychologically dependent upon their leaders. This means that they cannot be able to make sound decisions without the help of their leaders.

Any cult member who disagrees with their leader is made to feel inferior. They have been made to believe that they do not have the knowledge or experience of question their leader. You will find that no matter how vague the decisions made by a cult member are, no member can dare criticize him. The members reason out that even though their leader might make mistakes in his judgments, his good deeds will always outweigh any minor flaws.

A cult uses deceptive measures to recruit new members. Once they have successfully recruited new members, they are taught all things they should conform while in the cult without questioning.

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